Batman: Year One

Alright, here we are back at another Comic Kingdom graphic novel analysis. Today I am going to be talking about Batman: Year One, wonderfully written by Frank Miller, and beautifully illustrated by David Mazzucchelli. Finally, a chance to delve into my favorite comic producer: DC comics, and what better way to get started than a modern reinterpretation of the origin of Batman! DC’s dark knight (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne) is an iconic hero with endless depth awaiting in the shadows for any eager reader to explore his story in the dark city of Gotham. The reason I am excited for today’s review: Whether you are a long time fanboy, or don’t even know who Batman is, Batman: Year One will serve as a spectacular read!

Batman Year One.jpg

Synopsis- So as mentioned above, Batman: Year One is a reinterpretation of the origin of Batman. The story is all too familiar, however Frank Miller finds a way to keep the reader wondering what is going to happen next. So, the story still unveils Bruce’s parent’s untimely death, and sure enough Bruce’s rage/concern for a world that allows such behavior, fuels his call for justice. Bruce Wayne, the richest man in town, decides to take it upon himself to fight crime in his corrupt city of Gotham. As a vigilante, Bruce Wayne decides to model his costume after a bat (a symbolic token of Bruce’s ability to overcome and harness what once was a great fear)  stirs up some trouble in the local police department. Largely due to the department’s own internal corruption, the Gotham Police department don’t take kindly to this masked man dressed like a bat harassing their city. Even though Batman is only beating up the criminals there is major resistance from the police department and the media as well. This is really where I notice the main difference in origin: Frank Miller provides what I believe to be a more realistic vibe of how Batman’s emergence into today’s world would go. The law enforcement took a jaded stance on this winged newcomer. It is also important to note that half of the story is focused in on Lt. Gordon who is having his own struggle just making honest work in a corrupted police department who is pitted against his “do-gooder” attitude. There is also a much appreciated cameo appearance from Catwoman as well. For the most part the story is going to feel familiar, but the dark tone, intensity building dialogue, and the more than fitting artwork all make this story one amazing interpretation of the origin of possibly DC’s greatest hero. I HIGHLY recommend this one!

Reader Reference (1-5 Scale)

Story/Plot- 5

Artwork- 5



Basic Info

Publisher- DC Comics

Publication Date- January 2007 (November 1986 original story revamp)

Page Numbers-136

Pricing- Sticker Price- $14.99

                  Online- $10.00


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