Today’s Comic Kingdom graphic novel review has me absolutely stoked! So as I always do, I was scrolling the internet reviews for interestingly alternative Super Hero/ Anti-Hero novel premises. When I read that there was a novel based around the general concept: What if someone had the insane physical combat training, gadget accessibility, and general badassery of Batman mixed with the unlimited financial backing as Bruce Wayne…but was a ruthless cop killer? Nemesis has a uniquely refreshing approach as the co-creators, Mark Miller (writer) and Steve McNiven (artist) take on a psychopathic cop killer on a egotistical rampage for raising total and utter chaos. This is even more refreshing and odd to see as I was completely surprised that the publisher was actually Marvel, especially considering the mature/graphic content both visually and conceptually.


Synopsis- Nemesis is renegade on the loose. The man who’s true identity is shrouded in a mystery and a multitude of aliases. The being of the book gives you a perfect feel for what to expect: a bloody, gore fest of a anti-establishment cop killing maniac. Quickly you learn that the man known as Nemesis is more than just an angry guy with a dark past and some badass arsenal of weapons. The book shows his mastermind global sway in the world of developing mass chaos. We learn that Nemesis has a direct killing fetish for offing police chiefs. This book mainly focuses on Nemesis’s next target: The President of the United States. So Nemesis starts wrecking havoc in Washington D.C. as he ensues “Joker-like” chaos amongst the city all in the name of finally capping his desired target: Blake Morrow Police Chief.

 Additional Comment: The meat and value of the graphic novel certainly comes from its dark twisted nature. Seeing a gruesomely, blood lusted, witty main character in a Marvel production is all too sweet!

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot- 3 (has plenty of dark twists that really give the story some much needed shock value)

Artwork – 3.5 (nothing special here, but certainly not bad by any means. I would normally give it a 2.5-3, however the blood plastered scenes are SO well done and visually appealing that I figured a 3.5 was fair.)

Dialogue- 3

General Concept – 4 (really loved this story, if you are looking for something within in the superhero world but want a majorly alternative spin I highly recommend)

Overall – 3.75

Basic Info

Publisher – Marvel

Publication Date – September 26, 2012

Page Numbers – 112

Pricing – Sticker Price – $14.99

                    Online – $9.60

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