The Death of Superman

Ahhhh feels so good to be back in the realm of DC comics! I couldn’t think of any better way to dive right back into my favorite publisher than to tackle one of the most iconic/famous graphic novel stories possibly of ALL TIME! In fact, it once held the title for the best-selling graphic novel of all time. I, like many, if not most comic book/superhero lovers, am familiar with the story of the first time Superman was vanquished in battle, but I am sure there are plenty out there who are oblivious….*crickets*. Ok, so in 1992 a string of writers came together to work on this collaboration dream any comic book writer could imagine: a chance to kill Superman. Now I normally would use a spoiler alert when talking about the novel before the synopsis, but unfortunately the title does not leave much to mystery. Now this was originally 7 separate issues back in 1992 and only the last of the 7 was named “The Death of Superman.” So in comes my first critique: DON’T name the compilation after the one issue that gives away the most crucial point in the story arch just to make it easier on the consumer-low blow if you ask me. Like I said, most people are aware of the story, but for those who might not be so familiar with Superman or  comic books in general it can really suck to have the title of the book the climactic event. However; I am being nit picky and will shut up so we can get the review on! Here you go Comic Kingdom: The Death of Superman.


Death Superman

Synopsis – (This may be one of the shorter synopsis Comic Kingdom ever sees.) The novel /issues starts out with a menacing character attempting to break free from his containment deep underground on Earth. As the creature breaks free, and the novel progresses, this ungodly creature labeled as “Doomsday” appropriately reeks complete and total havoc as he leaves a trail of utter destruction in his path with power and raw force greater than any other even the Man of Steel has never bare witnessed to. The Justice League, lead by Superman, attempt to stop Doomsday and surprisingly show little to no resistance against his unrelenting force. The story comes to a close after a very long drawn out battle leads to a final showdown between Superman and the most worthy opponent he has ever faced, Doomsday. Obviously the title gives away what happens to Superman, but as for Doomsday: you will just have to read to find out!

Additional Comments – So as I said before, this story arch is one of the most famous in all of the comic universe for obvious reasons. As far as the content and story itself, one could wonder with such a short synopsis that practically summed up ALL of the novel (except Doomsday’s fate I tried to salvage for you guys), is this just famous for the affect of Superman’s demise and just that alone. Well my answer is: kinda. In the moments I was wanting more story and depth or explanation, I was quickly subdued by the amazing action going on from panel to panel. The artwork was exceptional in the fact that it is JAMMED packed with great shots of Superman and the Justice League going all out with Doomsday. It is also important to note that this series was not intended for a graphic novel but actually they were individual issues meant to build suspense and mystery throughout the story arch from month to month. However; for many reasons and in any format I can most certainly understand the appeal of this action packed saga.

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 2

Artwork – 4  (The artwork is pretty standard pro work for the time period but it receives a 4 for the action packed content the artwork brings).

Dialogue – 2.5

General Concept – 5 (This is where the novel obviously excels. I mean Superman DIES! thats a must read for most).

Overall – 4  (Of course you know by now my numbers don’t add up mathematically. Well thats because every overall review has the X-Factor played into account).

Basic Info

Publisher – DC Comics

Publication Date – February 26, 2013 (Compilation Graphic Novel)

                                      The original series was released in individual issues throughout 1992.

Page Numbers – 160

Pricing – Sticker Price – $9.99 (I don’t believe it!)

                   Online – $ 12.99 (Now you see why I don’t believe the sticker on the back haha!)