Identity Crisis

Today in the Comic Kingdom we will be discussing one of my favorites: Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer, and accompanied by Rags Morales and Michael Bair. Yes of course this is one of my favorites as it is DC and furthermore features the Justice League (my favorite), but the reason I’m wild about this one in particular is due to the depth and insight this graphic novel takes into the human side of our caped crusaders. Identity Crisis is appropriately named as it explores a darker side of what these superheroes and their families have to go through just for the Justice League to do their job. What is the risk and potential dangers awaiting anyone brave enough to use their powers to vanquish evil. Identity Crisis explores the depth of the main theme of sacrifice. I love what Meltzer has done and I think you will too!

29059_Identity Crisis TP


Synopsis – (As always I will not ruin the ending, but if you prefer your graphic novels to be a blank slate of entertainment going into the book I suggest you skip the synopsis and jump down to the reader reference). Identity Crisis begins with a horrific murder of a JLA member’s wife. The ensuing action lies within the inability for the Justice League to identify the killer as they appear to have left no trace. Even Batman and Miracle Man have difficulty applying their beyond impressive detective skills to make much sense of the murder at all. The drama kicks up as the first funeral of the victim is proceeded with another murder of another Justice League member’s wife. The confusion builds as the clues just keep throwing the League off on a wild goose chase, and worst of all Superman gets highly involved as the pattern of murdered wives points to the big man with the S on his chest as Lois Lane receives a death threat. The rest of the plot deals with identifying and capturing the serial killer(s) and the horrific threat of everyone’s loved ones placed in imminent danger. The real reason Identity Crisis has made ripples throughout the comic community is how enthralling the insight of exploring this crisis displays the very human side of the characters we have grown to know as almost invincible. Identity Crisis shows that even the mightiest of warriors are still human or display similar emotions and face problems that we all face.

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 4.5

Artwork – 3.5

Dialogue – 4 (Considering the gravity of the situation at hand the dialogue for these characters really sells the story)

General Concept – 4.5

Overall – 4.25

Basic Info 

Publisher –  DC Comics

Publication Date – June – December 2004 (Graphic Novel – February, 9 2016)

Page Numbers – 288

Pricing –   Online – Paperback – $10.87

                                  Hardcover – $19.76

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