Green Lantern: Rebirth

If you haven’t heard the name Geoff Johns and you call yourself a DC comic book lover, you must not have picked up much material in the last 10 years or you are full of shit, or possibly you have just been living under a rock for the last decade. Geoff Johns has recently been taking our beloved classic superhero characters and bringing them back to life as he uses the material of canon stories and using that to carry the story as he puts his own unique flavor into the mix. Green lantern happens to be my favorite superhero (I know I said Spawn was, but he is technically an anti-hero) as he is the Emerald Crusader who uses his will power to control his mystical ring bestowed upon by the guardians (and Abin Sur’s unfortunate crash landing on Earth if you look at it logistically) which enables him to fly across the galaxy upholding the law protecting his Sector of the universe (Sector 2814, there are thousands of Green Lanterns each assigned to a different sector of the universe). Green Lantern is all about not allowing other emotions like fear, anger, and greed (some of the root emotions that fuel some of the other Lantern Corps – which is explored in Geoff Johns GL story arch – Blackest Night) to cloud his mind and allow willpower to overcome and be the fuel of his power to protect his sector and more over the entire universe. So to have Geoff Johns come through an re-vamp this amazing character/story gives me the feeling of a kid in a candy shop. So if you are a Green Lantern long time fan, or don’t even know who Hal Jordan is, Green Lantern: Rebirth is the perfect graphic novel to pick up.

GL-Rebirth Cover.jpg

Synopsis – As I said before Green Lantern: Rebirth touches on a lot of what used to be, but Geoff Johns continues the story. One of the best parts about GL:Rebirth is how Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Hal Jordan are all accounted for. Unfortunately Allen Scott fails to make an appearance, I guess it is understandable as he is the original Green Lantern and is the one who’s power is not derived from the Guardians and their will, which is where Geoff Johns takes his entire story arch continuation. Rebirth serves as the beginning of a new Green Lantern era with Geoff Johns leading the march. This does not mean Johns deviates from the original canon, he simply adds on to it. Rebirth has a lot to do with Parallax and the re-emergence of this ominous threat. So just as Coast City, Hal Jordan’s City (similar to Batman’s Gotham or Superman’s Metropolis) is rebuilt from the previous destructive force known as Parallax, the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 are facing ominous troubles of the past.

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 3

Artwork – 3.5

Dialogue – 3.5

General Concept – 4.5

Overall – 4.25

Basic Info

Publisher – DC Comics

Author – Geoff Johns

Publication Date – May 11, 2010

Page Numbers – 192

Pricing – Sticker Price – $14.99

                 Online – $8.15


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