Justice League: Dark

Today Comic Kingdom will see its very first movie review! When I created this site I had originally intended to primarily review graphic novels, but every once in awhile its good to mix things up. Also, I promise to stay far away from the new live-action superhero movies that have dominated the box offices and main stream movie culture today. So, I invite you guys to trust me and go on a adventure into the animated film world. I must say there might not be many better places to start than Justice League: Dark. The film features some of my favorite JL characters as I LOVE the darker more magic based characters and JL: Dark is jammed packed with dark mysterious content.


Synopsis – So obviously form the film cover, you can guess that JL: Dark is all about featuring the lesser utilized JL members who all have ties to a dark and mysterious path and/or strong ties to the mystical dark forces/magic. When people all over the world begin to hallucinate and see everyone else as demonic monsters, it leads to complete and utter chaos. People are killing innocents and committing horrible action due to the hallucinations. So naturally, the Justice League assumes magic must be the source of all this foul play. At first Batman gets a whiff of magical trickery and wants no part of it as he despises the dark forces and magic all together. However, John Constantine won’t let Batman skip out on the fun that easy as he calls upon Batman, the greatest detective of all time,  to help him solve this mystery and take out this evil force of magic. Reluctantly Batman accepts and the two then rally the troops: Zatanna, Deadman (Boston Brand), Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood), Black Orchid (Colleen Villard), and Swamp Thing. The crew then uses their unique combined skill to hunt out the dark source of all this corruption and chaos. To avoid ruining the film I will avoid going into detail of who the evil villain truly is, you will just have to check it out yourself!

Film Review (1-5)

Story/Plot – 3.5

Animation – 4

Dialogue – 4

General Concept – 4

Overall – 4

Basic Info

Publisher – DC Comics

Release Date – February 7, 2017

Film Length – 1h 15m

Pricing – Sticker Price – $19.99

                 Blue Ray/DVD/UV – $14.99

                 DVD – $12.96

                 Amazon Video – $4.99


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