Saga: Book One

I was at this year’s ETSU Buc Con when I stumbled across an amazing artist with a totally badass piece for sale. I complemented her on her unique ability to create one hell of a character. She quickly informed me that the eight eyed, eight-legged spider banshee queen wielding double-barrel shotguns  was actually a bounty hunter character: The Stalk, from a popular graphic novel. As the producer of Comic Kingdom I naturally jumped at the occasion to stumble into something new and awesome. This graphic novel was called Saga.  Saga is described as a space opera/fantasy, and is wonderfully written by Brian K. Vaughan and accompanied by the spectacular illustrator Fiona Staples. After some online research and a quick scroll through amazon I realized that I might as well go for broke and buy the compendium: Saga: Book One. Book One contains issues #1 – 18. At first I was wary of making such a huge investment, but after reading the reviews on Amazon it seemed clear this story was going to have me wanting more after every issue, plus it saved me a good bit of money to go ahead and buy the Book One! I think you guys would love this funky new graphic novel!

saga collection

Synopsis – So this plot is absolutely jammed packed with witty dialogue and entertaining plot twists embedded into the entire story arch, but overall the story plot is rather simple (and its not a bad thing). Alana and Marko are both from different worlds, as Alana is hails from the technologically advanced society of the Landfall Coalition, as the inhabitants of Landfall claim the largest planet in the galaxy as their home. Landfall has one single satellite moon called Wreath, which is where Marko is from. The two are star crossed lovers as Landfall and Wreath have been at war for centuries. The two fall in love as Alana is Marko’s prisoner guard, and the two elope. The drama of the story kicks up as it is reveals that the two have unprecedentedly  had a child together. This action of treason resonates as a mystical rumor that has the entire galaxy one edge. Thus, many factions have many reasons for either capturing or killing these two and their half-breed child. The entire series is about the two making their way through the galaxy avoiding bounty hunters and perilous obstacles that get in this oddly formed family’s way of happiness. The rest of the main story plays out very similarly to Romeo and Juliet. The amazing work of the series shines through as the main story is so familiar while the details and character developments are so unique and fresh.

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 3.75

Artwork – 4.5

Dialogue – 5

General Concept – 3.5

Overall – 4.5

Basic Info

Publisher – Image Comics

Publication Date – November 25, 2014

Page Numbers – 504

Pricing – Sticker Price – $49.99

                 Online – $33.37

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