The Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than a Man

Like any human being I love to be right, but many times its better to be wrong. There is nothing more that I like to see than Marvel proving me wrong when it comes to my opposition towards  their lack of depth. I tend to gravitate heavier towards DC for this reason. However I am always on the lookout for something that might change my attitude and Tom King’s Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than a Man definitely swings in Marvel’s favor. Tom King utilizes an amazing character The Vision who is android member of the Avengers. The Vision has been around the comic world since 1940 and has always played the A.I. struggling to understand and assimilate with the human race role. So its absolutely killer to see someone dive deep in the matter of how The Vision may actually do something of this nature. Adopting/Building his new family in order to completely submerge himself into humanity proves to leave for quite an adventure. The Vision’s struggle provides some deep philosophical insights towards what it truly means to be human.

The Vision Vol. 1

The Vision wants to be human, and what’s more human than family? So he heads back to the beginning, to the laboratory where Ultron created him and molded him into a weapon. The place where he first rebelled against his given destiny and imagined that he could be more -that he could be a man. There, he builds them. A wife, Virginia. Two teenage twins, Viv and Vin. They look like him. They have his powers. They share his grandest ambition, (or is that obsession?) the unrelenting need to be ordinary.
Behold the Visions! They’re the family next door, and they have the power to kill us all. What could possibly go wrong? Artificial hearts will be broken, bodies will not stay buried, the truth will not remain hidden, and the Vision will never be the same.

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 2.5

Artwork – 3

Dialogue – 4.5

General Concept – 5

Overall – 4

Basic Info

Publisher – Marvel

Author – Tom King

Publication Date – July 12, 2016

Page Numbers – 136

Pricing – Sticker Price – $17.99

                 Online – $11.40


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