Atomik Comik

In my last post I mentioned my favorite comic book store: Atomik Comik. I have been kicking out reviews on tons of graphic novels and always hint towards buying online (specifically amazon) as I show the obvious price difference. However, I want to take time to spotlight an establishment that may not be able to shave prices the way Amazon can (no retail establishment can in fairness) but the few extra dollars you may spend are well worth it when you walk into Atomik Comik downtown Johnson City, TN.  The staff is mainly Sean (the owner) and his wife Lindsey who live eat breath and will die comic books and everything that comprises the glorious realm of nerd. Getting to know Sean and some of the other customers has proved to be a most dope community of comic book conversations that will leave your head spinning in the best of ways. Also, if you are worried about choice selection walking into a physical store as opposed to the plethera of anything and everything online, well have no worries Atomik Comik happens to be THE LARGEST comic book store in all of Tennessee! If the biggest store in all of Tennessee isn;t enough for you, no worries, as Sean will happily make an online order for you. I feel so lucky to have stumbled my way into my college town that holds the largest comic book store in the state, and the best part about Atomik Comik is how local and family owned the place still feels. You would think with a title like the largest comic book in all the land (of Tennessee that is lol) they may have a corporate or business-first attitude, but I assure you thats not what you will find here. Atomik Comik is a great place to not only make your purchases, but furthermore to start amazing conversations and advice that you just can’t match online. So head on down to 213 E Main St, Johnson City, TN 37604, or call (423) 929-0317 today!

Atomik Sean.jpg


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