Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One: The Complete Collection

So back in the Fall of 2016, I was strolling through the dopest comic book store in all the land: Atomik Comiks (located in downtown Johnson City, TN), when the kind employee was generous enough to make a suggestion for my next graphic novel endeavor. She suggested Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One: The Complete Collection. My first reaction was “are you serious?… I am not going to buy into some cheap ploy of some shittily built story arch butchering the JL just to help sales with some video game.” See if you don’t know back in 2013 DC released a badass fighter game for major gaming consoles: Injustice. So when I saw that they had attempted to staple the same name with similar images on to the graphic novel series I was highly skeptical. However, as I stated before, I have the highest respect for Atomik Comik so I took a leap of faith, cast my skepticism aside and tried the first in the series (There are 5 years with 2 vol. in each year). And now today, I currently have every volume available!

Injustice Cover 2

Synopsis – As always I will try and give the general and rough summary of the plot without giving too much away. Injustice deals with a very interesting concept: What happens when the Man of Steel, the Earth’s greatest hero, feels like he has failed at protecting what he loves most? Well, Superman suffers an insanely plot twisting misfortune as one of the all time best villains pulls a fast one resulting in one of his loved one’s death. Now, the Last Son of Krypton is enforcing peace on Earth by any means necessary. Only one man stands between Superman and absolute power: Batman. And the Dark Knight will use any method at his disposal to stop his former friend from reshaping the world in his shattered image. The Justice League quickly draws sides and Injustice actually serves as a great cross bridge into the entire Batman vs. Superman story arch, while also keeping its own unique flavor. Rarely do we get to see the Justice League pitted against themselves, and here in this amazingly surprise of the decade series we see so much its almost superhero overload (but totally in a great way)!

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 4

Artwork – 3.75

Dialogue – 3

General Concept – 5

Overall – 4.5

Basic Info

Publisher – DC Comics

Author – Tom Taylor

Publication Date – March 8, 2016

Page Numbers – 144

Pricing – Sticker Price – $24.99

                 Online – $16.10


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