Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book 1

Finally! I can’t believe I got as far as I have into my own comic blog without talking about my favorite writer of all time: Alan Moore. Most people may recognize his name from the Hugo award winning novel Watchmen. If you call yourself a comic book lover and you have not read Watchman or any of Alan Moore’s works FOR SHAME! Haha just kidding, but seriously the level of depth that Moore brings to his works are unlike any other. His ability to take superheroes and graphic novels as a medium to discuss deep philosophical insights to humanity itself is astonishing.  I am always going on about depth, or the lack there of, and there is none who can take you deeper down the rabbit hole than my man Alan Moore. The Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book One is no different. The best thing about Swamp Thing is the fact this saga has 7 volumes! So by all means if you think this review of Swamp Thing would entice you I highly encourage picking up the first book as there is TON of more material waiting for you as one volume ends the next is waiting, calling your name. I am on book 4 currently and have loved every single one more than the last!

Swamp Thing Cover Book One

Synopsis – For those who are not familiar with Swamp Thing the hero is the living vegetated remains of scientist Alec Holland. Moore introduces us to his story through scientist Jason Woodrue a man who is obsessed with Swamp Thing. Woodrue studies the frozen remains of the creature in hopes of understanding it. The result is a long mediation on the nature of life. Moore raises the question of Swamp Things very existance. Is he the remains of Alec Holland, or is he a plant with the memory of Holland? In typical Moore fashion, the answer isn’t simple. The majority of the first arc has Swamp Thing coming to terms with its own existence. Bisette and Totleban (Illustrators) send us through a trippy journey into the subconscious as Swampy tries to regain his humanity. The art here hits full stride, the warped sense of Holland’s memory is aided by the incredible dynamic art. The first book is mainly Alec or Swamp Thing coming to grips with his powers and existence as a “green” entity, however the novel leaves plenty of action in the mix with psychological discovery.

Reader Reference (1-5)

Story/Plot – 4

Artwork – 4.5 (If you like Watchmen style illustrations you will love this series. No one utilizes page space and transitions quite like these two.)

Dialogue – 5

General Concept – 4

Overall – 5

Basic Info

Publisher – Vertigo

Author – Alan Moore

Publication Date – April 10, 2012

Page Numbers – 208

Pricing – Sticker Price – $19.99

                 Online – $12.37


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